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Five Short Hours of Caving

From 'Music Videos for Cavers'.From "Music Videos for Cavers". 15 minutes. Produced 2006.

Two cavers go ridge walking on public land, looking for the elusive cave in an area thick with sinkholes. After running through the woods, with no luck, they come upon a fence with no trespassing signs. It looks like the end of their search for the big one. But what about that big sinkhole just up the hill on the other side of the fence. They’re in the middle of nowhere. Nobody is around. Nothing could possibly happen if they have just a quick look.

What would you do? What could be the harm? Just a quick peek. Well… This is a story, in the form of a music video, about the decision that the two cavers make when confronted with this situation - and the consequences of that decision.

The DVD includes a set of great "Out Takes" as a special feature.

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