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We're Cavers and We're Rescuers

From 'Music Videos for Cavers'. 9 minutes. Produced 2000.

"We’re Cavers and We’re Rescuers" is a humorous video about cave rescues which is based on the lyrics of Dan McConnell’s song of the same name. It demonstrates some of the more important aspects and techniques of cave rescue, but what it does best is to graphically show what cavers (rescuers and rescuees) should not do! It’s a brand new paradigm.

The methods of cave rescue are enhanced in this video by visually enacting the lyrics of the 1997 NSS award winning ballad. In other words, this is a cavers’ Music Video in the style of the well known MTV Music Videos.

In this video you will see how not to get a patient through low, wet passages. You will see what happens when you fake an injury. You will learn about the ‘turtle crawl’, tight passage rescues, and why you shouldn’t drink cave water. You will learn important aspects of rigging and rope work on rescues. But most important of all, you will be entertained by "We’re Cavers and We’re Rescuers" music video!

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